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We would all agree that what we know to be a cause for concern is bad enough, but what if we are uncertain about the effects of an event – have no prior experience of the event – or if there is conflicting opinion from the pundits on the likely consequences of an event.

Brexit presents in this way and an expression is gaining traction, uncertainty.

Understanding Uncertainty

Uncertainty suggests that not knowing something is as damaging as knowing something that you perceive is actually damaging. In the case of Brexit, uncertainty usually refers to the “will we”, “won’t we” be leaving the EU, and if we do, will there be a negotiated (and hopefully smooth) transition or will we simply exit with no-deal and suffer the consequences?

Leavers Vs Remainers

There are two opposing points of view: the so-called Leavers and Remainers. Depending on which side of the fence you are drawn, will determine to some extent your state of mind: blissfully unconcerned or apprehensive. And there is no shortage of commentary. Antics in parliament are assuming cult status, ranking with soaps as the go-to place for entertainment.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

But we can have too much of a “good-thing”. We could be approaching a saturation point, a place where we need relief for uncertainty even if this means we condone acts that we have spent the last two and a half years resisting. Certainty, in this regard, as an antidote to uncertainty, can be likened to a form of desperation: we are out of pain killers, please pull out the tooth.

One thing that we can be sure of: everything changes.

An Accountants Role With Brexit

Advisors have a role to play. We may not be qualified to pull teeth, but we can support our clients to improve business fitness and give practical advice on actions to take to cauterise a no-deal outcome. The UK accounting profession can play a positive role in this regard.

If you are short of ideas, give us a call. We have practical solutions that will help you deliver much-needed support services to your clients and ideas to win over your business prospects.  

Posted by Laura Pearce, Mon 16th September 2019

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