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Accountants are in a pivotal position: they have the ear of the business community and in most cases can influence their clients to change tack in the face of changing circumstances.

Personal ‘Business’ Trainers

They are business trainers; they prepare clients for the rigour of building a business by getting them “match-fit”. And to do this, support clients to accumulate the necessary resources and skills to deal with challenges ahead.

Sports trainers would not be successful in supporting their athletes in crossing the finishing line if they simply sat back. Or, expecting their proteges to magically achieve match fitness without any intervention. To be successful, the trainer is required to work in partnership with the athlete to gradually build the physical and mental attributes that will contribute to their success.

Bulking On Brexit

It is interesting to consider that accountants have a similar role with their business clients especially those that are facing the current uncertainties due to Brexit.

The issues that need to be considered have been dealt with in the financial press and on the government website for some time now. What is clear is that this is no time for ostrich-like activity, sitting on the fence or sticking one’s head in the sand.





1st Place For Planning Ahead

Fortunately, advisers who have engaged in helping their clients with business fitness issues will have placed these firms in a strong position to survive any downturn in economic activity.

Even if a negotiated Brexit is achieved the training process with clients to achieve match-fitness will not be wasted. There are no downsides to being business fit and advisers will be able to bask in the referred glow of their client’s success.

Pros, No Cons 

With these objectives in mind, there has never been a more opportune time for accountants to broadcast their skills in these areas. There are no downside risks, but there are a wealth of win-win outcomes.

Time to dust off your tracksuit and get involved. Otherwise, you will be consigned to the terraces to watch you competitors bask in the reflected glory of their clients’ successes.

Posted by Laura Pearce, Mon 30th September 2019

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