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UK Accountancy Firm Expands With Confidence | Case Study

Expanding your practice is stressful. Not only do you need to make sure that you have the resources in place, but you also have to ensure that fees will continue to fly through the doors. With over 22,000 registered accountancy firms in the UK, growth is also competitive. So, when a Hertfordshire-based firm had big plans, they turned to Laura Pearce of Edwards Pearce & Co.


Bracey’s Accountants are a leading firm of accountants and tax specialists with a head office in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. The practice has grown sustainably since its formation in 2010, from one office to now boasting over seven locations with in-house specialists.

The Challenge

The brief was to:

  • Deliver structured marketing support to a practice demanding year-on-year growth.
  • Provide services to replace and enhance what the firm was receiving from an in-house marketing manager.
  • Adapt the existing brand to suit expansion of services.
  • Increase website conversions.

The Solution

Our first job was to sit down with key members at Bracey’s Accountants to discuss their business growth plans and to understand how marketing could work to support and enhance this process. Following the meeting, a content and marketing plan was created and approved. This allowed key individuals within the firm to have visibility and awareness, of not just day-to-day marketing, but to see and own the bigger picture.

The services provided, included, but were not limited to:

  • Weekly blog posts on topical issues and interviews/staff highlightsNot only do the articles work to establish Bracey’s as an expert but deliver added value for clients seeking advice. These articles also form part of the monthly email campaign.
  • Video content covering key tax issues and Budget updatesBranded videos were supplied at key dates throughout the year. As YouTube is the second largest search engine to Google, the videos provided great SEO opportunities and added value to customers.
  • Social media managementUtilising a variety of social media networks to attract, engage and retain potential and existing customers.
  • Google AdWords/PPCTo cut through the competitive nature of the industry and ensure Bracey’s were visible on Google as clients began their search for a new accountant, online advertising was deployed. This strategy took approximately six months to start yielding results, however, Peter Bracey, Director of Bracey’s Accountants, said:

Google is an excellent source of leads for the business. The targeting has supported the expansion of new services and strengthened our brand in key areas. Thanks to Edwards Pearce & Co, we now have a refined process for online lead generation. Considering the lifetime value of a customer, this campaign has delivered an outstanding ROI.

Website conversions

To increase website conversions, a thorough website review was undertaken. Following this review, it was decided to create a new website. The new website focuses on ease of use, responsive design and data capture. Each page has been designed to avoid overwhelming a visitor and to provide enough information to spark interest and generate enquiries. As well as tracking visitor movement, the site also utilises Call to Actions to capture data and make the process of enquiring significantly slicker.

Since the website has been re-designed, the firm has seen a 46 per cent uplift in conversions as well as a 34 per cent increase in organic visitors.

Marketing for Accountants - Case Study - Bracey's Accountants by Edwards Pearce & Co.



Bracey’s Accountants have developed both their existing professional practice footprint and a new franchise offering: a project that EP&Co will be supporting through a new website, social media, content provision and PR.

Laura Pearce, Co-founder and Director at Edwards Pearce & Co, said: “It’s a pleasure working with the team at Bracey’s Accountants and watching the firm grow and develop. Supporting acquisitions, franchising and the day-to-day growth of the practice is demanding, however, the results we’ve achieved are a testament to our excellent working relationship.”

Posted by Laura Pearce, Fri 02nd August 2019

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